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Partition walls Milan


For over 20 years Spazio Company has been offering partition walls Milan with a fine selection of the high quality materials and aesthetic care. We design and install partition walls in Milan, throughout northern Italy and Switzerland, mobile walls, equipped walls, glass walls for offices, companies, stores and showrooms. We are able to guarantee planning, assistance and installation services. The strengths of our partition walls Milan are their design, the construction quality and materials and their long-lasting durability. As general contractor Milan we offer our knowledge and expertise to realize your projects, proposing the best solutions available and working alongside customers to ensure the perfect integration of all the interior design elements, without compromise quality and elegance


Designing partitions walls requires a careful and methodical approach to ensure a functional and aesthetically pleasing result. We design innovative and quality partition solutions that best suit every space and need


The installation of office partitions requires a well-planned and coordinated process to ensure a safe and functional result. We handle the installation of interior partition walls in our renovation projects, taking care of every detail


We provide advice and assistance from the early stages of design, to propose efficient and effective solutions. We analyze needs and constraints, studying each space to propose the best possible solution of partition walls Milan


Made from modern and versatile materials, partition walls Milan can be adapted to the specific needs of any office, allowing for both aesthetic and functional customization.


Possono essere trasparenti per favorire la trasmissione della luce naturale e la comunicazione visiva, oppure più solide per garantire un maggiore isolamento, sia acustico che visivo.



Partition walls can have different sizes and different materials and, therefore, different features and functions. A glazed wall, for example, can diffuse light throughout the space, making rooms brighter and more airy. A equipped wall, on the other hand, can add color and character, creating a cozy and comfortable feeling.

Partition walls Milan are not just about aesthetics. They are also practical tools for organizing space and improving functionality. They can create separate areas for work, study, rest or play, allowing different activities to coexist in the same environment without interfering with each other. They are key elements in architecture and interior design, influencing the way we live, work and interact with the world around us.


Office partition walls are a key element in the modern work environment. In addition to delineating spaces, they provide privacy, encourage concentration and promote collaboration among team members.


In addition to their practical function, Milan partition walls can contribute to the corporate image, creating a professional and welcoming environment for employees and visitors. Thanks to their flexibility, they also allow for easy reorganization of space according to the changing needs of the office.

Glass walls

The glass partition walls are today the most favorite of designers and architects. This type of partition walls Milan is always custom-made, with a load-bearing structure and glass panels juxtaposed. The result is a bright, elegant, modern environment, still characterized by the highest acoustic quality. The use of safety glass slabs, with different thickness according to the project needs, allows to create adequate sound barriers, with the possibility to increase their effectiveness through acoustic films. On glass walls silkscreen printings can also be placed to make them partially transparent and guarantee better privacy.

Movable walls

The movable partition walls are a kind of partition walls Milan consisting of repeated modules. Available in different dimensions, mobile walls are the perfect product for customers who plan to reorganize their spaces in the future. Their main feature is that they can be easily disassembled and reconfiguredaccording to individual needs, as well as having the possibility to canalize electrical systems inside them. This solution, versatile and quick to install in view of future changes, movements or transformations, is suitable for the creation of single work environments, multi-purpose office cubicles with two, three or four sides, one or more rooms.

Equipped walls

The equipped walls are modular partitions walls with dividing function and predisposition for suspended storage units, juxtaposed, shelves, tops and accessories. They can be adapted to the height of the room and guarantee the acoustic comfort provided by a standard wall. The advantage of using equipped walls compared to a classic wardrobe is the saving in space and money: they offer not only a functional way to organize spaces but they can also divide an area in an elegant way.

Office pod

The office pod Office box are the most common system for separating spaces in office design. It is possible to choose from various products that differ in the materials, finishes and assembly techniques used. Design freedom comes from the flexibility and wide range of solutions that can be achieved with the chosen product. The greatest aesthetic value of any Milan partition system is given by the possibility of using glazed modules as an alternative to blind ones.


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