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Office design Milan

The office design Milan is an articulated and multidisciplinary process that involves various skills to create functional, aesthetically pleasing environments suited to the needs of users. The space design starts with a careful analysis of the needs and constraints of the context in which the project will take place. This phase includes analysis of the site, local regulations, and aspects to be taken into account for design purposes. It then proceeds to the phase of concept design, in which project objectives are defined and initial ideas are developed through sketches, models, and renderings. During this phase, it is crucial to involve the final users to ensure that the proposed solutions meet their needs and expectations. Once the concept is defined, we proceed with the development of the architectural design or space layout. This stage involves defining the space and choosing the most appropriate materials, colors and furnishings. In addition, technical and regulatory aspects such as safety, accessibility and energy efficiency are taken into account.

Design & Build


As a Milan general contractor, we use the design & build approach for our projects: in this way, the client entrusts his project to a single partner who can take care of both the office design and construction phases. This provides greater integration and coordination of each stage, reducing risks of delays and additional costs.

One of the main advantages of the approach Design & Build is the increased speed of project execution. Since design and implementation are managed in parallel, construction work can be started before the process of space design is completed. 

design & build

space relayout

Space relayout is a process of reorganizing or redesigning an existing layout to improve the efficiency, functionality, or aesthetic appearance of a space. This may include changes to the arrangement of furniture, partitions, or structural elements to optimize the use of available space

space planning

Space planning is a broader process that involves space planning and organization in a strategic way to maximize efficiency and usability. This can include the allocation of space for different activities, defining functional areas, managing the flow of people, and considering elements such as natural light and panoramic views. Space planning can integrate both test fit and space relayout as part of the design process to develop optimal solutions for a given environment.

Space optimization


Nel campo della progettazione degli spazi, l’ottimizzazione gioca un ruolo fondamentale nel garantire l’efficienza, la funzionalità e il comfort degli ambienti. Che si tratti di progetti di ristrutturazione di uffici, commerciali o residenziali, la capacità di massimizzare l’utilizzo degli spazi è fondamentale in ogni progetto. Per riuscire a soddisfare le esigenze degli utenti e migliorare la loro esperienza nello spazio, gli elementi presenti all’interno di un ambiente devono essere organizzati in modo tale da massimizzare l’utilizzo dello spazio disponibile. Questo può comportare la scelta di mobili e arredi che si adattano alle dimensioni e alla forma dello spazio, così come la creazione di aree multifunzionali.

L’ottimizzazione degli spazi ha come obiettivo il creare ambienti non solo funzionali, ma anche confortevoli e esteticamente gradevoli utilizzando al meglio le risorse disponibili o scegliendo nuovi componenti adatti allo scopo. Mediante un approccio attento e creativo, è possibile trasformare ogni spazio e adattarlo alle nuove necessità aziendali, abitative o lavorative. Infatti, come general contractor Milano, ci occupiamo dell’ottimizzazione degli spazi in diversi settori, trasformando ogni ambiente sulla base delle richieste e delle necessità del cliente.

test fit

A test fit is a preliminary design phase in which the feasibility of a layout or design plan within a specific space is evaluated. During this phase, factors such as space size, wall layout, functional needs, and client requirements are examined. The main objective is to determine whether the proposed layout meets the project requirements and can be implemented within the available space

fit out

Fit out refers to the stage where the space is furnished and outfitted according to project specifications and client requirements. This may include the installation of furniture, equipment, lighting, wall coverings, and other design elements to complete the look and the functionality of the space

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