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Renovation Milan

There are many aspects that you need to be aware of When you want to renovate an office:You need to establish a budget, coordinate a team and select suitable materials and finishes. For each step you need a skilled professional who knows exactly what to do and how to proceed. The most practical solution for a renovation project is to rely on a General Contractor Milan. Spazio Company offers a complete service of interior renovations for offices, sheds, prestigious buildings, houses, lofts and commercial premises. We are among the best building renovation companies in Milan offering our experience to those who want to renovate an environment or change their space configuration. We carry out all the works directly, employing trusted and competent professionals and selecting only the best suppliers in order to offer materials able to guarantee maximum results in terms of functional and aesthetic performance.


We believe in co-design, where our client is an essential part of the process and participates in all stages of work in collaboration with the project manager, in order to best understand each need


From the partial renovation to the complete redesign of a space, Spazio Company will analyze the customer's ideas and requirements in order to create exclusive, customized projects for every space's needs


We offer assistance and advice at every stage of the renovation project, in order to guide you toward the choice best for your needs in terms of functionality, aesthetics, choice of materials, finishes, and furnishings

Turnkey renovation

General Contractor renovation milan

Our turnkey renovation service offers the advantage of having a single partner who takes care of all stages of your renovation project with guaranteed costs and support in the management of the required construction practices. We supervise every step, starting from the preliminary and final design, the elaboration of the bill of quantities for renovation costs, to the executive design and site management. We are able to grant an accurate respect of deadlines, avoiding unnecessary loss of time and ensuring the completion of the work on schedule. Spazio Company supports your decisions and will involve you in every aspect, guaranteeing maximum transparency and reliability.

Working through a combination of expertise, efficiency and innovation, we are able to transform architectural visions into concrete realities, contributing to the success of projects. The optimization and efficient management of spaces are a fundamental part of today's projects, which is why Space Planning and Fit Out activities represent an added value in the context of the services we offer and are often requested by architectural firms and industry professionals. Moving walls, equipped walls and glazed walls stand out to make rooms more functional, bright as well as aesthetically pleasing; we will help you choose the solution that best suits the needs of your project.
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Interior renovations

We take care of the complete execution of a interior design project involving planning, team coordination and complete control of all work, always meeting the customer's needs. We range from small design projects to large renovations one, always maintaining high quality standards. We supervise furniture projects, supporting the client in the selection of custom-made furniture and complements.

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Office renovation

We will guide you to find the best solutions to optimize and improve the functionality of your workplaces, offering a service focused on experience, know-how and partner selection. Consulting for new office relayout, space planning studies, fit out, office furniture and partition walls, lighting design and energy efficiency are just some of the services we can offer to increase the comfort of your professional environment.

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Prestigious renovations

We realize high quality renovations to improve the existing structures and increase their value. We are specialized in interior design and renovation of prestigious houses, apartments and luxury properties, supporting the customer with custom projects and cutting-edge solutions.

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Store and commercial premises renovation

We deal with store and commercial premises renovations offering our professionalism to customers who need to increase the environments’ comfort, modifying spaces’ layout or upgrading systems, or simply improving the aesthetics of the premises

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Shed renovation

We provide renovations services for sheds, warehouses and warehouses. We estimate detailed quotes covering all works related to the project. Spazio Company develops tailor-made solutions to optimize the existing layout, increasing efficiency and productivity and minimizing investments thanks to a more efficient use of spaces.

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Space optimization

We deal with space renovations We take care of space renovation and optimization by our design, relayout, fit out, test fit and space planning services. We always offer the best solution in terms of functionality and aesthetics, so that you have not only well-organized spaces, but also innovative and design

Full renovation

Full interior renovation and turnkey service

Light renovation

Small targeted interventions according to customer needs

Custom renovation

We also are specialized in the realization of special projects / complements / custom-made projects designed and built for specific project / custom project management

Our renovation activities

We aim at the client with special needs by offering products and services designed for each project according to specific requirements. Spazio Company pays special attention to issues of ecology and sustainability by proposing renovations services that improve the energy efficiency of buildings with cutting-edge techniques of thermo-acoustic insulation. We also follow custom furniture projects, interior design, standard and office furniture, supporting the client in choosing complements that meet their needs. The creativity of your custom project, combined with the research and selection of quality materials and design in full cooperation, allow us to concretize the client's idea into a unique and refined furniture solution.

Significant renovation

Existing building with a useful surface area of more than 1000 square meters, subject to a complete renovation of the building elements

Heavy renovation

Transformation of the building, change of use

First level refurbishment

Interventions involving more than 50% of the external dispersing surface and the possibility of winter and/or summer heating system renovation

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